Doughnuts – donuts – Doughnuts

I’ve had sort of bad luck on the baking front lately! I made these strawberry lemonade bars, which tasted great – but they didn’t photograph fantastic so I held off on posting them.IMG_5864.JPG

But now’s it’s almost June so I am overdue for a post. I made cookies last night, but blah cookies. Today I tried my hand at doughnuts or donuts (both appropriate spellings I learned) since this past week included national donut day.

IMG_6039Lessons learned: they’re harder to make that you’d think! I used a recipe from the NYTimes and I’ve got a lot of learning to do. They were delicious hot from the frying pan but then …ehhhh. Also gotta work on my glaze. I’m not ready to share a recipe yet until I try a few more but they made for pretty photographs.



Next up – going to try out more donut recipes until I get something hipster shop worthy!